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If you don't use Spotify, Google Music or Pandora but prefer traditional internet radio Odio.

On the surface Odio is reminiscent of iTunes and features smooth animations with very nice design. In this mini review I'm running Odio on an installation of Void Linux using the official Odio Appimage available on the project's Github page. I'll take a quick look at the app's settings, main features and comment on the overall experience. Without further delay, I'll start what I consider the main features of Odio.


Hello, welcome to my blog that I've created with the intention of writing down various pieces of content, whenever I feel like it. There's always something neat worth sharing or talking about in the world of open source/tech and until now I have been using different social media platforms to express my opinions. The problem with using social media is that in many cases, character limits are a thing. Take Mastodon for instance which has a pretty generous character limit at 500 characters and is enough for nice paragraph but too limited for something more in depth.